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360 degree camera bird view system

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Product description

360 degree surround view camera system-----with 4 super wide-angle cameras which installed on the four direction of car to collect vehicle images all around, 4 images were delivered to control board , after the image processing software combined & jointed together,; a 360 degree overlook full view image will be formed & transmitted to display equipment simultaneously. While the driver sit inside car, he can see the vehicle’s position and roadblock all around clearly by this system, and help driver with parking & passing complicated section; reducing the probability of car scraping, crash, collapse & accidents. No blind zone anymore.





Working voltage

over 18V the automatic shutdown protection

TV system

PAL/NTSC optional

Working voltage


Image format


Operating current

-30-75 ℃

Storage capacity

2---64GB USB flash drive cycles keep mulch

Trigger voltage


Output signal

Single channel composite video output

Input signal

4-channel video input




Wiring and instructions

1.Control Host

1 pcs

Connect host cable


1 pcs

remote control at the receiver,keep off the obstacle,

so as not to affect signal reception


4 pcs

Front view, rear view, left view, right view camera, optional-special

4.Host cable

1 pcs

32P socket interface,with USB

5.Remote control receiver

1 pcs

Connection must be put in place,receiver mounted in receptive areas

6.Camera extension cable

4 pcs

The white line to the reversing or turning the line of control, note white 

interface routing directions;

7.Power and video output cable

1 pcs

Connected to car often, ACC, ground wires, monitor control cable(note: this 

line does not pick up on the back light or iron, the original installation of the 

vehicle DVD such as pick up on the back light back line, first cut off!)

8.Drill bit

1 pcs

Used to open holes for side cameras

9.Introduce Manual

2 pcs

Operation manual, Setup Guide;

10.vibration sensor (optional)

1 pcs

Using when parking monitoring


Product Display

Product advantages and Effect diagram

1. competitivwe price 

2. HD night vision

3. 24 hours record

4. supply upgrade 

5. seamless image and recording

6. G-sensor and motion detection

Seamless Image Quality

Sutiable models of special car/vehicle

Product packaging